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I signed up . . . now what?
You’ll get an email asking you to confirm your subscription. After you click the confirm link, we’ll send you an email containing the e-book the book club is current reading and add your name to our lists for all future book emails. Remember that by subscribing, you’re also agreeing to receive regular updates from all twelve of the participating authors.

How can I get the books from previous months?
When the year ends, we’ll send an email with links to all the books offered this year. Note that the Kindle Unlimited books will be available on the dates specified only. Be sure to keep an eye on the newsletters for details.

I’m having a problem downloading a book. Can you help?
We use a service called BookFunnel to deliver the e-books that are not enrolled in Kindle Unlimited. You may need to take a few steps depending on your reading device. If you have trouble, just tap the Help link at the top of the book download page for assistance loading the book on to your device.

When will the books be sent out?
We will send a newsletter containing the free e-Book on the 15th of each month.

Got a question that wasn’t answered here?
Contact us through the contact us page by clicking here.